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Rob Gilmore grew up in St. Louis and received a degree in Mass Communication from Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville. He worked as a natural history filmmaker and award winning interactive designer in Silicon Valley until 1996 when he founded Stone Circle Studios to pursue his love of photography.

Rob sees his work as impressionistic and expressionistic ideas, rather than just pretty postcard landscapes or travel pictures. “I see energy and current in the natural world,” says Rob. “This energy has ebb and flow, and it is shaped both by slow geologic time and moment by moment with the changing light, wind and atmosphere. I try to express my fascination with this dynamic through my images.”

Rob still shoots with medium format film as well as digital, and all of his photographs are completely archival. They are signed and issued in limited editions of no more than 100.

After 20 years of living out west in California and Sedona, Arizona, Rob has returned home to St. Louis and resides there with his wife Judy, who is a painter, and son Galen